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    Courier Order Tracking

    "What is the status of my delivery?"  Let's be frank.  You need to know where your order is.  The order was placed two hours ago and you don't have time to waste. Your customer is awaiting the part so they can move forward in their operation.  The law firm partner needs the delivery status of their document filing.  Your manager can not leave the office until he is assured the boxes were picked up. You need to know where your order is so you can plan accordingly. These are just a few of the various situations businesses and customers find themselves facing on a daily basis.  

    Choosing a courier that has order tracking capability is important.  It enables businesses to track in real-time their courier orders themselves.  It is a tool of convenience.  It is a tool for customer satisfaction, for not only the courier, but also you as the customer.  You can be informative to your customer on the pick up or delivery status.  Your customer or recipient will be satisfied as your order tracking information is passed from your hands to theirs. The bottom line is when you or your boss need answers, you can get those answers fast through an order tracking system.

    A-1 Express is a courier that has placed a high priority on technology, including online order tracking.  Our customers can track online 24/7 the status of their pick up and deliveries.  In addition, we offer the option to send to all our customers e-mail confirmations of the courier process, from order creation to delivery.  You can receive these e-mails right on your phone.  We value technology as the core component to provide excellent customer service, not only in today's business environment, but the business environment of tomorrow.  To aid in providing the highest level of professional customer support, we invest in the best communications and information management technology available, including the latest on-line ordering, tracking and reporting tools.  You will enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you are doing business with an established, well-managed company with over 7 years of success to it's credit. At A-1Express, we are dedicated to being known as the first and best choice throughout our industry.  Call A-1 Express today at 877-219-7737.