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    Amazon to Test Sunday Delivery

    For years the web-based retailer Amazon.com has been a trendsetter when it comes to developing creative means for more efficient delivery. One issue Amazon has yet to overcome is delivery on Sundays. The lack of Sunday deliveries has long been an inconvenience we’ve learned to live with but Amazon hopes to tackle this issue by launching a new Sunday delivery program in select cities.

    In November of 2013, Amazon launched a Sunday delivery option available to their two largest revenue generating cities: L.A. and New York. Expanding on this idea, Amazon has incorporated 13 more cities into their Sunday delivery option including: Austin; Cincinnati; College Station, Texas; Columbus; Dallas; Houston; Indianapolis; Lexington, Ky.; Louisville; New Orleans; Oklahoma City; Philadelphia; San Antonio; Shreveport, La.; and Waco, Texas. Representatives for the online retailer say the company plans to expand this side of their delivery throughout the country in 2014 making it an option available to anyone.

    The service in these select cities is free for Amazon Prime members, adding just another perk to the $99 Prime membership. Non-Prime customers can still receive Sunday delivery on qualified items but will pay the standard two-day shipping rate. A spokesperson for Amazon says millions of Amazon’s products qualify for this service and shoppers can easily see what items qualify for this special Sunday delivery as they browse, and these purchases qualify for Sunday delivery as late as 11 p.m. on Friday. Currently Amazon sees infant items and books as its most popular goods being shipped on Sunday, but looks for consumers to shift from their traditional weekend errands in brick and mortar stores to using the weekend delivery for their everyday purchases.

    Industry analyst Jan Dawson does not expect other retail giants to jump on board with Sunday delivery. This prediction is mostly due to the opportunity consumers already have to shop at these stores who have brick and mortar options and Sunday hours.

    One of the many things Amazon does which makes their business unique is utilizing several courier services to ensure timely and efficient delivery. Presently Amazon uses UPS, Fedex, AmazonFresh, and their new partnership with USPS to complete customer orders. It is through this new business partnership Amazon is able to complete their weekend, specifically their Sunday, deliveries. This partnership has created many part-time positions for USPS at a time when they needed a financial boost as well as allowing Amazon to delivery more orders than ever.

    As Amazon looks to completing Sunday deliveries, it is clear now more than ever there is truly a need for a weekend delivery service. Atlanta courier service, A1Express, is your delivery service for all deliveries. Online and traditional retailers nationwide count on A1Express for deliveries any day of the week. Companies that partner with A1Express find quick and simple same-day and weekend delivery for their customers. The staff at the Atlanta courier service is an expert in delivery logistics and customer service.This expertise has made A1Express an obvious choice for many businesses in the Atlanta area and around the country. Call today for a simple estimate for your business needs.