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    The Fragrance Shop Steps Up Online, Launches Same-Day Delivery Testing

    If you didn't think that Same-Day Delivery would break the barrier and move beyond being just a trend, big companies are proving the shipping option can be a staple within any industry. All types of businesses are engaging in fast delivery, including UK's The Fragrance Shop which has made the shift from just offering next-day delivery to same day.

    Essential Retail recently reported the popular fragrance retailer has announced the roll-out of it's new one-hour delivery service. It will also be adding next-day delivery to its line of online shipping options. Prior to the move, The Fragrance Shop only provided online customers a standard and a nominated day delivery, as well as weekend and a click & collect service options. Once it received positive results from its fast next-day and click & collect options, The Fragrance Shop initiated implementing its one-hour services.

    Fragrance Shop's head of eCommerce Mark Kelly discussed the new one-hour service and its' strategic decisions to meet online shopper demand there. He said, "Fragrances are typically purchased as a last minute gift, so speed and flexibility of delivery is important. We want to maximize on this by making it easier for customers to make these guilt-free, eleventh-hour purchases. We chose to implement Shutl based on the company's standing as a market leader in same day delivery and the fact we share the same ethos for superior customer service."

    As other retailers in the US have done, which is partnering with a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express to for fast shipping options, The Fragrance shop is partnering with delivery company Shutl to pick up and delivery from its' 177 stores nationwide. Kelly added, "Shutl enables us to interact with our customers quickly, and in the manner of their choosing. This doesn't just give customers greater control over when they receive their purchases, but by keeping the delivery time short, they are less likely to change or cancel their order or contact customer services for delivery updates."

    The UK has been experienced other big name retailers launching same-day services, such as supermarket grocery store chain giant Sainsbury. The company launched same-day grocery delivery in July, with plans to expand the service in 30 more areas throughout the country. Testing will begin in three stores, and then implement same-day delivery in 30 areas in the country by Christmas. With the holiday season almost here, The Fragrance Shop is looking to create a client base during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    As with other big name retailers, the Fragrance Shop too has the product shoppers want, yet they desire for their purchase to be brought to them. This is where A-1 Express can a Los Angeles Courier that performs delivery analysis and develops a same-day solution to meet consumer demand. If Amazon is is doing it, others retailers can do it also. The Fragrance Shop will now be able to compete within the delivery sector and get their products into their customers' hands fast.

    Reference: 8.10.16, www.essentialretail.com, Caroline Baldwin, The Fragrance Shop rolls out one-hour delivery


    Amazon Increases Minimum Order Amount for Free Delivery

    Amazon is doing a lot of daring moves when is comes to revolutionizing the world of online retail. It doesn't take a genius to know that Amazon is after it all, and is desiring to become the leader in not only on the retail front, but on the delivery and order fulfillment front also. Yet, the latest shift by the retailer for minimum online purchases in order to get free delivery could have a mixed response from Prime members.

    The Wall Street Journal discussed the recent announcement by Amazon entails raising its' minimum order size for non-Prime members from $35 to $49 to qualify for free shipping. For at least a decade, Amazon's minimum fee was $25 until 2013, which the retailer increased the amount to $35. The threshold increase could be used to steer regular customers into becoming Prime members, which pay an annual $99 fee and receive unlimited two-day shipping.

    In response to the fee hike, Amazon didn’t offer much of an explanation, yet only stated that “from time to time, we review our shipping options.” With it still being early in the year, the retailer could be testing the non-Prime customer market to see how many will become Prime members. There is plenty of time prior to the last quarter for the holiday season to offer the right shipping options to retain Prime members and gain more. The question is how will customers respond to it.

    Free shipping isn't the only option that Amazon is offering that is attracting shoppers. In recent years, the company has implemented Same-Day Delivery in a number of major US cities nationwide. Amazon has a stronger presence of same-day delivery more than it ever has before. Amazon provides same-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle-Tacoma, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Diego, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Washington DC, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Boston, and Atlanta. It also launched free same-day delivery last year in 14 metropolitan cities the US, starting with California cities.

    Even abroad, Amazon is affirming its goal to expand its delivery capabilities. It is being reported that Amazon is planning to develop a global delivery network to compete in China. Online retail is growing in the US, yet it is climbing at an even faster pace there. E-commerce is forecasted to reach $1 trillion by 2020 in China, which is all the more reason why Amazon is establishing its' fees relative to minimum orders and delivery systems. In addition, Amazon has leading China online retailer Alibaba to wrestle with in that market as well.

    The largest US e-retailer has done a host of business implementations to capitalize on its momentum online. With Amazon's price shift, other retailers will probably analyze their own minimum order amounts and shipping options. A number of businesses and retailers have partnered with a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express to create a delivery solution that will satisfy the need for fast delivery that shoppers demand also. The Los Angeles Courier can assist companies with fulfilling those orders, as the products per order increases, along with the minimum fee for free delivery.

    Reference: 2.22.16, www.wsj.com, Greg Bensinger, Amazon Boosts Free-Shipping Minimum to $49, Elevating Prime Service


    Look Out Amazon, Here Comes More Google Shopping Express!

    For a moment, it seemed as if Amazon was the only big e-retailer making headway with same-day delivery. With dozens of fulfillment centers strategically located near major US cities, Amazon Fresh expanding and even talk of same-day delivery via drones, Amazon has its' sights on distancing itself from the pack this year. However, there is one e-retailer that has emerged that is taking Amazon head on and are not taking no for an answer. Look out Amazon, here comes Google Shopping Express.

    A recent article by Re-code via Yahoo.com reported Google is planning to not just have Google Shopping Express in a select number of major US cities it's currently in, like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Google has plans to take its' Google Shopping Express nationwide. Google Shopping Express is a same or next-day delivery service that allows customers to shop at local, physical stores online, such as Target, Whole Foods, Costco and more. This is Google's service launched to compete with Amazon's same-day delivery and Prime service.

    The article also discussed Google's investment plans which affirms its' dedication into seeing Google Shopping Express soar. Tom Fallows, the head of Shopping Express, stated, “You can very much expect that we are putting a lot of money into this and we’re excited and willing to sustain that investment over time as this gets going”. The executive leadership has committed up to $500 million toward the expansion of the service. This is a huge move by Google and it appears the e-retailer is confident the expansion will pay off.

    One thing about Google, its' position in product search can't be beat, since the online giant is the leading search engine provider in the first place. In some form or fashion, everyone uses Google or is connected with someone who does. The retailer has a deep competitive advantage here and their online sales can be unmatched. More than likely, the company will create a number of seamless integrations that will ultimately make Google Shopping Express even more accessible, at the fingertips of Google users.

    The e-retailer knows exactly what it wants and how to take Google Shopping Express across the US. Online companies that are not as large as Google, yet seek market share and online sales growth, can partner with a Same-Day Courier Service like A-1 Express to expand nationwide. With quick courier solution implementation strategies, this Los Angeles Courier can help create a broader web presence and deliver your online products anywhere in continental US. The local markets where your shipping mileage radius is small, A-1 Express can develop a delivery solution to help compete long-term, even assist companies like Google to compete.

    References: 7.7.14, www.yahoo.com, Google Gunning for Amazon With Expansion of Same-Day Delivery


    Deliv Partners With General Growth Properties, Announces Same-Day Delivery To Mall Shoppers

    The more popular same-day delivery becomes, the more it is surely effecting the retail industry. Well-known e-retailers like Amazon, eBay, Google, Target, Macy's, and others have been mostly on the front pages regarding their new online trends to offer some form of same-day delivery. Now, one shopping mall operator General Growth Properties appears to be stepping into the race to provide the service and compete online.

    General Growth Properties, or GGP, has partnered with Deliv to launch same-day delivery to mall shoppers reported PRNewswire. The service has been implemented to meet the demands of omni-channel retailing and to offer another option for customers to shop from the mall online. With this option of same-day delivery, its' mall shoppers can have an experience as close to physically going to the mall themselves.

    The new partnership will begin at four mall locations that GGP owns, which are Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco; Eastridge in San Jose; Glendale Galleria in Los Angeles; and Oakbrook Center in Chicago. Customers can either shop online from that particular mall's website with participating retailers and have their items delivered. Shoppers can also have items delivered from the store, to their desired location, even as gifts.

    CEO and founder Daphne Carmeli had nothing but positive remarks regarding being a provider of same-day delivery from malls. She stated, "Shopping malls have been a part of the American culture for decades, providing opportunities for fashion, social activity and convenience. In the Internet age, all retailers, as well as mall operators are looking at ways of continuing to provide outstanding customer experience to shoppers and GGP has shown great initiative introducing the delivery service. With Deliv's unique ability to manage same-day delivery to any location, GGP has established a simple, manageable and prestigious differentiation for its retailers."

    This type of same-day delivery will definitely revolutionize the way customers shop at the mall. Many people enjoy the physical mall experience, however, sometimes they simply want to shop online conveniently from home and receive their product. This provides customers with time savings and the effort of traveling themselves. With online retail growing at a rate of 16% annually, there is a lot of value in retailers making an obvious, beneficial investment into providing same-day delivery.

    Deliv, with a crowdsourcing delivery system, is not the only viable option for a same-day delivery partner for malls. Malls can partner with same-day couriers like A-1 Express to provide this type of delivery nationwide. This Los Angeles Courier has the logistics expertise and courier technology to develop a same-day delivery solution for online retail. Many well-known e-retailers, such as Wal-Mart, are using couriers instead, and mall retailer can utilize couriers also.

    Reference: 8.29.13, prnewswire.com, Deliv Partners with GGP to Bring Same-Day Delivery to Mall Shoppers