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    Diapers.com Says Busy Moms Using Same-Day Delivery

    It use to be challenging for parenthood moms taking care of their newborn or infant when those "suddenlies" occur, like running out of diapers. Not any more. Now for those moments, moms have turned to having their baby in one hand and a phone in the other, as they turn to same-day delivery for all sorts of baby items.

    Mashable recently reported how Diapers.com is in a growing mobile market of moms buying immediate baby needs. Diapers.com experienced 50% of purchases made from a mobile device last year. This is up 25% from the year prior. Within a US retail market in which only mobile shopping accounted for 1% of total sales, Diapers.com is seeing a thriving trend as moms are going mobile. Moms are seeing the convenience in fast delivery when they run out of not only diapers, but other baby products like baby food, baby wipes, formula, and more.

    "Moms send us stories all the time of nursing her baby at 3 a.m., realizing she's almost out of diapers or some other essential, placing an order with us through our app, and having the package show up at her door later that day," commented Michal Geller, a senior vice president of marketing and business development for Diapers.com. He went on to say, "Same-day delivery is a game-changer for busy moms". Most of the mobile shopping is happening from home or at work, not on the go. "Many of our customers cite that they place orders on their Diapers.com app while rocking or nursing their baby," Geller added.

    The article mentions how the diaper market itself is forecasted to reach $52 billion worldwide by 2017. This is just one dynamic of a vast baby retail market, and the growth in one product will certainly affect another. Another relative forecast is how online retail overall is expected to reach $500 billion by 2018. With these figures, it's not a coincidence that Amazon made the move to buy Diapers.com and its family of sites — Soap.com and AfterSchool.com — for $550 million in 2010. Diapers.com now has access to Amazon warehouses, making their supply chain for delivery even more effortless to go along with its' popular app.

    The app is specifically designed for one-handed use, which is great for moms. Customer shopping carts also stay connected to their account throughout the browsing process, even when toggling between laptop and smartphone. Geller mentioned that tablet use has "decreased significantly" in spite of its' mobile growth within the past year. "The modern mom — I see it from my wife and from my wife's friends — the phone has become such a useful tool to have at her side and in her pocket and in her hand. We're going to continue to see growth in that area. We absolutely believe that the phone is mom's co-pilot to some degree. To the extent that we want to be her best friend, we see those things go hand in hand", He said.

    Diapers.com isn't the only retailer involved with same-day delivery. Google, Wal-Mart, Petco, Target, and more have all decided to dive into meeting on-demand shoppers where they are. Therefore moms have plenty of retail options, as well as couriers to deliver to them. A same-day courier like A-1 Express can help moms get baby products fast and retailers has a superior delivery partner to turn to. The New York Courier has a national footprint and the same-day logistics expertise needed for mobile shopping now and in the coming growth years ahead.

    Reference: 7.8.15, www.mashable.com, Adrienne LaFrance, Mobile shopping's early adopters: New moms


    US Same-Day Delivery Expected Growth Over $4 Billion

    Even a decade ago, no one could fathom that online retail could reach a point in which it could get an item to a customers' front door within hours. It is now highly attainable and many retailers have rolled out same-day delivery in the US by the masses. Google, Amazon, Macy's, Ace Hardware, Wal-Mart, and more have all literally bought into it. Yahoo Finance mentions Business Insider's BI Intelligence research service is forecasting that the service will leap from $0.10 billion in 2014 to $4.03 billion by 2018.

    If BI's forecast is correct, there will be hefty dividends for the retailer that snags a thriving same-day delivery model now. It seems this is what a number of big name retailers are attempting to do, as shoppers opt out of going through the hassle of getting dressed and hitting the stores. They rather stay at home or remain at their jobs, and for a small free, be able do other things with their time.

    Physical store retailers have taken notice also. Wal-Mart is a retailer that has implemented same-day delivery in several major US cities. WalMartToGo is the name of their online pick-up option, where shoppers can buy their items online and Wal-Mart will have them ready for pick-up when they arrive. For years the retail giant has depended on its' low prices to draw customers and keep them loyal. However, e-commerce has been the steady game changer and every retailer knows it. This is resulting in same-day delivery being so vital to competing, as technology makes instant shopping easier and easier.

    All of the omni-channels are being mixed, making the best effort to create a seamless experience between the online store and the actual physical location itself. It is the convenience factor at its' best. Amazon knows it is facing higher contention from physical stores and startups utilizing e-retail to emerge as a legitimate option for customers. If physical stores, which have even partnered with startups for same-day delivery, crack the code to the service, Amazon will have some market challenges to come. This has all the reason why Amazon recently made same-day delivery free for all of its' Prime members. A member's annual $99 fee is all they pay, saving them that $5.99 per delivery. This a small price for Amazon to pay to maintain loyal customers, and they may gain more

    For a forecast like BI to have researched and expects to occur in the near future, it is sure to cause more than just popular retailers to jump into the same-day delivery race. In fact, it already has with new startups creating innovative ways to get shoppers the convenience they are searching for. Same-day delivery is making shopping as fast and simple as the debit card, which was anticipated to change how we do business--and it did. Now, it's same-day delivery's turn to revolutionize e-commerce.

    Many retailers providing same-day services, are choosing to create a courier network or partner with a same-day courier like A-1 Express to optimally perform their deliveries. Since the New York Courier has all of the logistical expertise and driver fleet to match, it makes sense for retailers to outsource. A-1 Express has a national footprint that will exceed the expectation of big retailers that need quick implementation and is a courier that can handle long-term growth.

    Reference: 6.5.15, Yahoo Finance, Matilda James, Why Same-Day Delivery Is Imperative in E-Commerce


    Uber Makes Move To More Same-Day Delivery

    It's a big deal when every large retailer and online company make investment after investment into a service that gets customers their products in the same day. The demand for same-day delivery continues to grow, just as many other services and products were moving into worldwide usage like the cell phone. Faster shipping and fast delivery offers shoppers the convenience they are after and retailers know it. This is why companies that offer similar service products are quickly deciding to join the action--and the profit.

    Uber is a popular transportation service that can get anyone from point A to point B fast. With the growth of same-day delivery, it makes sense for Uber to do the same thing with online and physical store items. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported the proof of Uber's plans regarding same-day delivery. Uber has picked up Google's Tom Fallows, former head of same-day delivery and e-commerce expert, to assist with its' business plans for growth.

    The WSJ received an e-mail statement via Google from Tom Fallows regarding his shift to Uber. “Even though the next stage of my career takes me outside Google, I’m really excited to watch Google Express continue to thrive and expand”, stated Fallows. Google indeed has thrived since the two years Fallows was involved in rolling out the new, aspiring service. Now, Google offers same-day delivery is several major US cities, including its' service launch in Washington DC, Boston and Chicago. The new cities also brought along three new merchants, one located within their respective cities.

    Uber is in hot pursuit to compete with retail giants, namely Amazon, to get a share of the retail market and move products for physical store chain. Google Express, formerly known as Google Shopping Express, provides brick-and-mortar retailers exactly what they need relative to same-day delivery. Google has partnered with Target, BestBuy, Wal-Green's, and more to get their products into a customers' hands within hours. Barnes & Noble has also joined with Google Express, closing a number of stores and offering customers same-day delivery of their online orders.

    Same-day delivery isn't new to the transportation/taxi company. Uber has already been testing deliveries of items including ice cream, flu shots and fresh meals. UberESSENTIALS was also just launched in August in parts of Washington, DC, letting users order over 60 items, such as deodorant, batteries, chips and popcorn. Inspite of the talk regarding Google and Uber, the two many end of working together. Google Venture has also invested more than $200 million into Uber's business.

    Google and Uber could end up working together to compete against Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, and others. The common thread for accomplishing success with same-day delivery is the actual delivery system itself. This is why a same-day courier like A-1 Express would be ideal for any retailer looking to tackle same-day delivery and make it a core competency service product. The Los Angeles courier understanding fast deliveries from a simple approach and with quick implementation, which is very fitting for the upcoming holiday season.

    References: 11.7.14, The Wall Street Journal, Alistair Barr and Douglas MacMillan, Uber Picks Up Google’s Head of Same-Day Delivery


    Barnes & Noble Partners With Google For Same-Day Delivery

    Google matches Amazon again as it moves forward with same-day delivery in an area that will certainly help one large book retailer in a big way. CNN Money recently reported that Barnes & Noble has partnered with Google to provide same-day delivery. The two retailers will work together to offer the service in Manhattan, West Los Angeles and the San Francisco peninsula.

    It is an interesting, yet unsurprising concept that Barnes & Noble has decided to venture into with Google. The book retailer may be turning all of the stores within those cities, including the Manhattan Union Square store in New York City, into an actual warehouse in which Google will deliver books for the company same day. This gives us insight on the wave of innovative selling that same-day delivery is injecting into the retail industry for brick-and-mortar stores.

    Jaime Carey, Barnes & Noble's chief merchandising officer, stated in the report, "The way the program is set up, they're using our local stores as the hub for this". Google employees will essentially pull the books for Barnes & Noble shelves, then give them to Google couriers who then deliver the books to the end customer. This is a set up that will probably work, as a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express will have the delivery expertise and routing optimization tools to get it done. As more and more books are ordered, a strong delivery base will be a must.

    Barnes & Noble will have delivery windows for customers to choose from. The windows will be 9am to 1pm, 1pm to 5pm and 6pm to 10 pm daily. The report didn't state any information regarding any time constraints in which the customer must placed their order. However, these windows are wide enough for couriers to pick up and delivery books on time. Couriers are use to delivering within very short windows, therefore, Barnes & Noble should be able to create a good foundation for same-day delivery, including working our any kinks that arise.

    Online customers are now who Barnes & Nobles has its' sights on, as same-day delivery will give it the market entry strategy it needs. "For us, it's fantastic that we can bring new customers to those local stores," Carey said. Online retail has consistently grown 16% in recent years and is getting stronger, therefore, it's a good move for Barnes & Noble to venture into the market. Also, being a brick-and-mortar store with today's e-commerce just won't due any more. Your strategy has to be dual, aggressively pursuing business from both physical store and e-retail fronts.

    Google's Shopping Express is proving to open doors for the retailer to get it's same-day delivery service in the hands of other physical store companies that need help selling their products. It appears this is the objective for partnership with Barnes & Noble. With the convenience of technology, customers are able to order online with ease and from anywhere. Therefore, it gives reason to not have to leave home, but rather save time and gas to do other things. A-1 Express is a New York Courier that retailers like Barnes & Noble can turn to deliver books nationwide.

    Reference: 8.7.14, CNN Money, Aaron Smith, Barnes & Noble teams with Google for same-day delivery


    Amazon To Use Robots In Warehouses And Same-Day Delivery For Online Orders

    When it comes to aggressive, pioneering technology in e-retail order fulfillment, there are few companies doing what Amazon does. The robust, web-based retailer numerous of fulfillment centers strategically placed throughout the US, and the number is growing rapidly. Yet, Amazon is not only after quantifying its’ growth, but also optimizing the quality of the warehouses. This is where Amazon’s next step could be groundbreaking and revolutionize how retailers fulfill their orders as soon as this year.

    Amazon is about to increase the current 1,000 robot worker scale in its’ warehouses to 10,000 by the end of 2014 reported CNN Money. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos held a meeting with its’ shareholders explaining the new initiative and its’ benefits. It will save time and money, as fulfillment cost will go down.

    The retailer bought robot-maker Kiva Systems two years ago and is using those same robots today. The report stated the robots operate on a highly, complex grid, which requires months of planning and testing to make it work. The new robots will not change Amazon’s employee numbers at the warehouses, but will enhance order fulfillment. This is one aspect of Amazon fulfilling orders, utilizing the latest in robot technology. However, Bezos showed last year that not only technology innovation for order fulfillment is high on the retailer's list, but also the speed in which online packages leave the warehouse and into the shopper’s hands.

    Using actual flying drones for same-day delivery of online orders was announced by the CEO as a serious implementation, which Amazon televised drone footage on 60 Minutes. The "octocopters" will be used for Prime Air, another service option within Amazon's Prime family. Customers will be able to receive the online orders within thirty minutes or less. Drones may be quite a hefty investment on the front end, but at the latter, its' definitely worth it. 86% of all Amazon order types actually meet the drone delivery criteria. This translates into volume to cover its' drone costs and gain profit share.

    The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) does provide some hurdles that the warehouse robots won't have to consider. The agency stated it will take "several years" to create the drone rules. The agency did state that it has already tested an "Unmanned Aircraft Systems roadmap" last year and is reviewing national airspace requirements. 7,500 drones will fly in the US within five years, which the first commercial drone was used last September for surveying. Inspite of the red tape, Amazon is as focused on drone use, as it is in warehouse robots.

    These floor-based robots are for the purpose of getting orders fulfilled faster, but its' for naught if Amazon can’t deliver the order just as fast, when it leaves the warehouse. This is where a Same-Day Courier Services like A-1 Express can make the difference, especially within a thirty-mile radius. The San Jose Courier can be a national source for Amazon to match its' speed inside the warehouse. With the logistical expertise and latest courier technology, A-1 Express can meet and exceed all of Amazon's same-day delivery needs. There is no need for Amazon to perform its' own deliveries, when A-1 Express can do it and make for lowering delivery costs long-term.

    Reference: 5.22.14, CNN Money, Katie Lobosco, Army of robots to invade Amazon warehouses