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    A1 Express Selected To Deliver American Flag To MetLife Stadium For Super Bowl XLVIII!

    A-1 Express, a superior leader in same-day delivery, distribution and transportation services, was selected to deliver the American flag to MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII. The courier has performed a variety of delivery services throughout its' successful business life all over the country. Yet, being a part of the highly prestigious and excited Super Bowl is one of the highest regarded deliveries to have performed. Out of all the courier services that could have been selected, A-1 Express was partnered with to be involved with the event. It indeed informs customers of the nationwide courier's recognition as a trusted and reliable source for same-day delivery services. A-1 Express is a courier company that pursues to be the best choice in courier and same-day logistic solutions throughout the US.

    A-1 Express delivered the American flag to MetLife Stadium on January 25th, over a week prior to the Super Bowl. A-1 Express was requested on January 24th by the client, Colonial Flag, to perform such an honored service. The flag was picked up at 8:15 am in the morning from Delta Cargo at the Newark Liberty International Airport. Once secured, it was than delivered to Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford after 11:22 am. The client received an e-mail once it was picked up and delivered to the final destination.

    After the service was performed, A-1 Express was applauded and appreciated for the superior service done by a seasoned, professional courier. "I would like to thank you and your driver for the awesome job you guys did delivering the flag for this years Super Bowl. My customer is most pleased with us. My customer also called your driver to commend him for his patience for waiting 2 hours. The customer wants you to know that on Super Bowl Sunday when they sing the National Anthem, you and your staff can look at it and know that you were responsible for getting it there", stated the satisfied client.

    The courier received outstanding remarks in regards to the service provided and the professionalism in which the flag was handled for such an important event to millions of NFL fans. A-1 Express was pleased to have participated in making the Super Bowl a great success and looks forward to future deliveries. The courier prides itself in assisting its' customers in meeting all of their event and occasion delivery goals efficiently as possible and on time. The New Jersey Courier is able to be contacted by various individuals, businesses and large corporations to deliver many types of packages and freight for them nationwide. From small packages to palletized freight, A-1 Express delivers fast and on-time!

    Many companies need a courier that has a proven ability and track record of to be able to handle sensitive items or freight in an effective manner. The courier does it all, including local and nationwide courier services, same day services, bike messenger services, long distance freight deliveries, scheduled deliveries, mailing route services, multiple location delivery solutions, daily bank deposit solutions, and more. A-1 Express is also available 24/7 for any after-hour service requests, order questions, quotes and order adjustments, meeting all of its' customers'' same-day delivery needs.

    A-1 Express is a premier same-day courier offering transportation and distribution services throughout the US. From small packages to palletized freight, A-1 Express delivers fast. As a leader in the courier industry, the company goal is to create optimal courier logistic solutions and provide superior customer service every time. The courier provides same-day delivery successfully for over 1,500 clients, including Fortune 500 companies nationwide.


    US E-Commerce Set To Reach $434 Billion By 2017, Retailers Can Use Couriers

    Many have been watching the growth of e-commerce over recent years and has not slowed down. It's growth is currently at an average of 16% per year. E-Commerce sales appear they will continue to do so in the years to come as well. Experts have now put numbers to their findings and show they will reach very high by 2017.

    According to eMarketer Incorporated, e-commerce sales will reach $434 billion by 2017 reported Internet Retailer. The projection is at a compounded annual growth rate. 2013 sales are expected to reach $258.9 billion. This is up from sales for 2012, which ended at $225.5 billion. This is also an increase from 2011, which was 15.8% at $194.7 billion. They project the numbers will taper off yearly and will be as the following: 14.6% in 2014, 14.2% in 2015, 13.6% in 2016 and 12.8% in 2017.

    The report discussed how mobile devices are weighing in as a key component to the projected online growth. EMarketer has find that currently smartphones and tablets are accounting for 11% of e-commerce sales. They project by 2017, mobile devices will steadily grow, and they will account for 25% of all e-commerce sales. This is a large percentage considering this means one fourth of all e-commerce sales shoppers will perform transactions on-the-go, at home, or somewhere else. This shows shoppers will continue to seek convenience and speed to get their online purchases in their hands.

    Web sales increase will be largely seen in the category of computers and electronics. These categories will account for $56.8 billion in 2013, equating to 21.9% of all e-commerce growth. Apparel and accessory categories will also rank as being on high online demand by shoppers. They will reach $54.2 billion this year, which equates to 20.9% of web sales this year. Shoppers have products they are looking for on the web and will be cross-shopping to get the deals they are looking for, especially with knowing there will always be a deal available if they purchase online.

    Web traffic has a lot to do will the forecast as well. There is an increased online traffic for retail giants like Amazon in 2012, where online traffic grew 3% in the fourth quarter at 115 million. Macy's online traffic grew 11% in the fourth quarter at 118 million. There certainly appears to be a trend that e-commerce is steadily growing and consumers are more comfortable shopping online. With the increase of e-commerce, many online retailers such as Wal-Mart, eBay, Nordstrom's, Target, and more are testing same-day delivery for their e-commerce sales to offer the components of online shopping customers are looking for.

    A same-day courier like A-1 Express can assist retailers capitalize on the e-commerce growth. This nationwide courier is able to develop a courier logistics solution that fits the online delivery needs of retailers. As e-commerce continues at this fast pace, an optimal delivery system by a same-day courier will be just what e-retailers need to compete through 2017 and beyond.

    Reference: 4.25.13, Internet Retailer, Allison Enright, U.S. e-commerce sales could top $434 billion in 2017


    Retailers Absorb Hit Of Low Holiday Sales, Better Deliveries Helped Online Sales Grow

    With a successful Black Friday and Thanksgiving having a record of four $1 billion days of sales, every retailer, whether a small business and large corporation, expected to see more of it. The holiday sales season was on a record pace that the economy had not seen consistently in a while. However, those sales numbers changed for the worst.

    Holiday sales grew at the lowest since 2008 reported Fox News via the Associated Press. Sales were expected to grow 3 to 4 percent this year, however, they grew a low 0.7 percent for the two months before Christmas. Even in the midst of the 2008 recession, sales grew at 2 to 3 percent. In 2011, sales increased by 4 to 5 percent. "A lot of the Christmas spirit was left behind way back in Black Friday weekend. We had one reason after another for consumers to say, 'I'm going to stick to my list and not go beyond it.'", stated Marshal Cohen, chief research analyst at NPD Incorporated. It appears most shoppers planned to do the bulk of their shopping during the popular four-day sales extravaganza. Shoppers appeared to not be interested in buying more gifts after that.

    Numerous of events had an affect on consumer spending this holiday season. Storm Sandy put the northeast region of the country in the position to spend their extra money on recovery. This part of the country accounts for 24 percent of total retail sales. The devastation of the Newtown shooting right before Christmas caused many Americans to center their attention elsewhere than shopping. The uncertainty of the economy and looming fiscal cliff going into 2013 weighed in also.

    Online sales for the holidays grew at least 8.4 percent reported payments card company MasterCard. In contrast, Chase Paymentech released online sales went up 15.3 percent. Either way, retailers are happy they did gain ground online, which makes up 10 percent of holiday sales. Many shoppers utilized their smartphones, iPads, and more to find the best online deals. In addition to deals, online sales also increased due to retailers offering better deliveries. Retailers offered offered later cut-off dates and guaranteed delivery on Christmas Eve, along with free shipping.

    Delivering online products fast is becoming more attractive to shoppers, even same-day delivery. Retailers like Wal-Mart, eBay and Macy's are currently offering same-day delivery of their products and testing these services throughout the US. Same-day delivery is as close as shoppers can get to a physical store, which they are able to save time and money. The retailer that can perform same-day delivery will be successful in the years to come.

    Same-day couriers like A-1 Express is a viable option to help your order fulfillment and online growth. This San Diego courier is an experienced, professional courier with the ability to fast! From small packages to palletized freight, A-1 Express can help retailers implement courier logistic solutions to meet online demand and expand quickly nationwide.

    Reference: 12.26.12. Associated Press, US retailers report weakest holiday sales since 2008; Internet Retailer, Zak Stambor, Mixed messages on holiday sales


    Best Places To Start A Business

    When starting a business, one of the big key questions taken where should you start it. This is especially important with the current slow economy in the US. The government is looking very highly on those who do start businesses, viewing them a job creators. Sometimes, depending on your market and product, its' best for start-up companies to open their doors in certain cities that fit.

    A recent report by CNN Money has found there are cities that are considered the best places to start a business. Within these cities right now, start-ups are experiencing growth. Below are some of the cities on their list.

    Boulder, Colorado - Boulder is one the best places to start in the technology industry. Entrepreneurs say it has similarities to Silicon Valley, yet without the high costs to start there. You will find investors and mentors there. The city has less than 300,000 people, however, attracts a large amount of venture capital. The highlight in Boulder is their TechStar start-up development program. Since 2007, the program has helped 65 start-ups generate $115 million in funding.

    Cincinnati, Ohio - The city had falling venture capital, however, big corporations have started what is called Cintrifuse. The program provides office space, connections, and access to investors nationwide via a special funding program. CincyTech, a nonprofit venture capital provider, also assists start-ups with early funding and mentoring classes.

    Des Moines, Iowa - The city is becoming more popular for start-ups. Organizations such as StartupCity Des Moines, are helping to provide work space, funding and networking opportunities for companies beginning there. Start-up Iowa, which exists under the Start-up America initiative, hosts educational events and network opportunities.

    Omaha, Nebraska - The Big Omaha is a conference the city holds, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurs throughout the Midwest attend this yearly event. Start-ups also have at their disposal the Silicon Prairie News, a digital media company that helps the start-up business community as a whole. The report also stated Omaha is home of many large corporations that are looking for start-up companies to work with.

    Whatever your business may be, start-up businesses also need to handle the growth, which with the increases of e-commerce and online selling, can occur at a rapid pace. With the need to fulfill orders, nationwide couriers such as A-1 Express can be a viable option to help make deliveries as a start-up company. This Indianapolis courier is able to create specific courier logistic solutions fit for your company. A-1 Express has quick courier implementation and can make it easier to meet demand in other markets.

    Reference: 11.27.12, CNN Money, Jose Pagliery, Cities Where Startups Are Thriving


    Cyber Monday Hits Record Sales, Couriers Offer Online Deliveries Faster

    Holiday online sales were underway in strong fashion yesterday. Experts were forecasting online sales to increase on Cyber Monday, but didn't know they would be as impressive as they were, even record-breaking.

    MSN reported this Cyber Monday was the biggest in its' history. Sales grew this year over 30% overall, according to the IBM benchmark, which performs the sales tracking. "Cyber Monday was not only the pinnacle of the Thanksgiving shopping weekend but when the cash register closed it officially became the biggest online shopping day ever," said Jay Henderson, strategy director at IBM. Data tracking firm, ComScore, had a different figure of 20% increase from 2011, yet still is an online sales record of $1.5 billion.

    Department stores saw the highest online sales growth with 43%. Wal-Mart and BestBuy are a few examples of retailers that viewed it was a must to be involved in Cyber Monday. These were also two retailers among those that users searched for the most online. So far this holiday season, online sales are higher than in-store sales.

    Online shopping still only makes up 10% of the total retail sales. However, with the heavy numbers from Cyber Monday, retailers are seeing consumers are becoming more comfortable shopping online. Mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and iPads, are adding a higher level of convenience and shopping ease. Shopping online will continue to grow, as well as the customer demand to receive their products delivered to their front door faster.

    Same-day couriers like A-1 Express are able to help e-retailers offer delivery their online products faster. Companies such as eBay, Macy's, Target, and even Wal-Mart, are already testing same-day delivery in several of their markets. A-1 Express is a nationwide courier with the courier expertise to meet any of your online order fulfillment needs, even during the fast-paced holiday season. Whether a small business or large corporation, A-1 Express can provide a fast courier solution to help you take advantage of the online sales growth.

    Reference: 11.27.12, Yahoo News/CNNMoney, Blake Ellis, Cyber Monday sales reach new record