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    More Online Retail Searches Likely Means More Same-Day Delivery

    Technology has affected has consumers shop online. It is no longer taking shoppers time at their home desktop to find good deals. They can easily be at the store register and find just the right discount to save money. This is just one benefit that technology has brought to customers and the latest online retail searches shows it.

    Internet Retailer recently reported that 56% of online retail searches are made via smartphone or tablet, according to a study from web measurement firm Hitwise, a division of Connexity Incorporated. The study included hundreds of thousands online search queries across 3.5 million smartphones and tablets between April 10th and May 7th of earlier this year. The searches were made by consumers based in the US, UK and Australia. The article mentioned that with Hitwise, Smartphones and tablets are considered to be mobile devices.

    Hitwise looked at the specific keywords that retail consumers used for their search. The study found that 82% of them used the words "24 hours" for their searches from mobile devices. Other top searches consisted of keywords like "where to buy...", which was 84%, "near me" at 79% and "hours" was used at 79% mobile. The results show that speed and convenience are huge factors regarding online retail. It makes sense, especially as now more retailers seek to offer value-added online services like Same-Day Delivery to attract shoppers to their sites.

    The study confirmed how mobile devices are being used more to find discounts and deals. Of all the retail searches that mentioned the words “coupon,” “return policy” and “price match”, 77% of them were made from mobile devices. 73% of searches with the words “sale” and 68% of “discount” searches are made on a mobile device also. Yet, the study showed that 59% of searches that include “promo code” are made on a desktop. Therefore, for in depth searches for promo codes that may require time, the desktop still slightly ahead of smartphones and tablets.

    Hitwise senior research and marketing analyst John Fetto talked about how online retail searches is aiding shoppers, even at checkout. He stated “Especially for traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, the smartphone has become an indispensable shopping tool providing consumers—sometimes within feet of a register—with information or offers that could seal or jeopardize a transaction". No one expected technology to impact online retail as it has, and it is dictating what retailers are doing to capture immediate sales.

    The increase in online retail searches leads to as fast purchasing online, as well as fast delivery of those items. Many retailers and companies are partnering with a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express meet the service demand that shoppers want. The Charlotte Courier has a national footprint and the courier expertise to develop the delivery solutions retailers need, especially as the holiday season approaches. When a retailer can offer same-day delivery and store pick up services, they can capture the market segment of the shoppers that want the deal they found delivered to their front door.

    Reference: 7.26.16, www.internetretailer.com, April Berthene, 56% of online retail searches take place on mobile devices


    Amazon Expands Free Same-Day Delivery to More Cities Nationwide

    If you thought Amazon had delayed in their expansion of Same-Day Delivery, here comes more cities that the retail leader has launched into to further its' apparent nationwide objective. A recent report by Forbes announces that Amazon is adding 11 more major US cities to its' current same-day delivery program. This will brings Amazon's total service area to 27 cities nationwide thus far.

    The new US cities that Amazon is expanding into includes Sacramento, Stockton, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Fresno, Louisville, Milwaukee, Nashville, Raleigh, Richmond, and Tucson. Amazon has strategically selected these cities to go with, which is not solely based on market share. With same-day delivery, there are vital components necessary for the service to be successful, which currently are known only big cities have. The market has to have the right demographics in order to generate profit from volume. Also, big cities have the infrastructure to enable fast last-mile deliveries.

    Amazon already has free same-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle-Tacoma, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Diego, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Orlando, and Atlanta. It also launched free same-day delivery last year in 14 metropolitan cities the US, starting with California cities. At this rate, Amazon is going to be offering an efficient same-day delivery program nationwide within a few years. More than likely, Amazon will implement same-day delivery in more cities as the holiday season get closer as well.

    The retailer's Prime service is what is making the difference and showing to be the reason same-day delivery is thriving. "Prime was developed to make shopping on Amazon fast and convenient, and millions of members have used Prime FREE Same-Day Delivery to make their lives even easier,” said Amazon Vice President of Prime Greg Greeley. “We keep making Prime better, and as our operational capabilities grow, we will continue to invent and expand delivery options that customers love.”

    Prime members will be able to get same-day service free in these cities for the same $35 qualifying order amount as the others. To attract more regular customers to join Prime, Amazon raised its' minimum order size from $35 to $49 to qualify for free two-day shipping. Customers have millions of items at their disposal to order from Amazon. Prime Now is even available for Prime members, in which they can order tens of thousands of essentials and gift items via native mobile apps and have them delivered within two hours, even restaurant deliveries as well.

    For other retailers to compete, they are going to have to engage in same-day delivery to keep up with Amazon. Several e-retailers and physical store chains have opted to partner with a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express in order to offer same-day services too. The Charlotte Courier has the service footprint, courier expertise and technology to aid any retailer to establish the same-day delivery nationwide.

    Reference: 4.8.16, www.forbes.com, Amit Chowdhry, Amazon Adds 11 More Cities To Same-Day Delivery Service


    Why Are Big Retailers Pursuing Same-Day Delivery?

    There are a lot of retailers out there that aren't playing around when it comes to same-day delivery. These retailers have become very serious and focused about utilizing this level of service. Big retailers are definitely after the service, as two of the biggest have thrown blow for blow in the ring of retail competition. The latest news from some of them let's us know that same-day delivery must have the right key to unlock major sales, especially online, in the years to come.

    Google just announced that it will begin rolling out same-day delivery of books for the biggest book retail store chain around--Barnes & Noble. The Nasdaq reported that Google is competing with Amazon for online book territory. The two retailers will be offering the service in Manhattan, West Los Angeles and in the San Francisco peninsula. Barnes & Noble is now joining the ranks with Target, Costco, Staples, Wal-Green's and more that have partnered with Google Shopping Express to get their online sales moving upward. After Barnes & Noble had to close 63 stores and Amazon's success in gaining a good portion of the digital book market share, the company had to do something different. Amazon has been like a fast-moving train against the book retailer and now it teams up with Google to make a comeback.

    Barnes & Noble CEO Michael P. Huseby said in The New York Times why it made the deal with Google. Huseby stated the deal was "a test" that he viewed as a way to increase the bookseller's online reach and improve sales from its physical stores. "It's our attempt to link the digital and physical", he stated. Google is helping other physical store retailers do the same thing, and so the same-day delivery service is now in hot pursuit. It is also a way to compete on Amazon level, which recently expanded its' same-day delivery reach in 6 more US cities.

    Barnes & Noble's service with Google will offer customers a choice of these same-day delivery windows: 9am to 1pm, 1pm to 5pm and 6pm to 10 pm daily. These windows are wide enough to pick up and deliver books on time as well. Google Shopping Express will have its' employees at Barnes & Noble ready to get the customer's order and deliver it to the final destination.

    Google's approach to same-day delivery is partnering with brick-and-mortar retailers that already have the physical stores that act as order fulfillment centers to meet online demand. This removes an extra expense for Google, yet at the same time, it will utilize a Same-Day Courier to pick up and deliver the online orders. On the other hand, Amazon has strategically built warehouses to create a very comprehensive network for sourcing these items and will use its' own trucking fleet to deliver them. With these logistically-efficient warehouses in close proximity to big US cities, Amazon feels confident that their business strategy will beat out the competition.

    Same-day delivery via Google's Shopping Express could be what Barnes & Noble needs to compete online. Amazon and Google aren't the only ones chasing same-day delivery, even Wal-Mart, eBay, Macy's and others all offer some form of the service. It is in pursuit because of e-commerce and technology are changed the way we have to do business. More and more physical store retailers have to shift to survive and thrive. Shoppers are at home now , therefore, retailers have to come to them and make it attractive online. A-1 Express is a Charlotte Courier that can help retailers thrive this year.

    Reference: 8.10.14, www.nasdaq.com, Motley Fool, Can Same-Day Delivery of Books Help Google Take on Amazon?


    Patriot Tactical Is Nimble With Amazon And Google, Even Uses Same-Day Shipping

    When a company is solely a physical store in the retail industry, their competition battle is a little different from those on the web. In today's mix of e-retail, there are a number of online companies in the same race seeking market share full of shoppers that are looking to do easy spending and find great deals. Online retail is growing at 16% annually and same-day delivery is in demand. Yet, there are one e-retail competitor, Amazon, that have a grip on the market. Also, Google has the search engine industry in its' back pocket. If your company is in the ring with them, its' best to have an effective strategy if you're going to last.

    E-retailers are making various business moves to stand up against the best of them, which is what U.S. Patriot Tactical is doing. This company is a store-based retailer of boots, apparel and gear for members of the military.

    Sales for the retailer have consistently grown in recent years and the question is how is the retailer doing it. U.S. Patriot has its' share of challenges as every other retailer in the race, but what is making the difference is between its' sales and becoming irrelevant. Amazon and Google are at both fronts, therefore, both have given aggressive attention to thrive.

    “A company at our size, we don’t have as many resources available to us, so it’s hard for us to keep up with the updates from Google, or it takes longer for us to respond,” stated U.S Patriot Tactical's President Paul Yoo in the article. A year ago, the retailer had to overcome the challenge of fast site speed, as well as Google changes. Google performs regular shifts on web site ranking, which can make it difficult to stay visible online. Small e-retailers know this is crucial for their online selling and search engine optimization is key to their sales. However, large retailers have the flexible spending to invest in paid search ads, in comparison to small guys with limited budgets. The article stated search engines may favor large retailers with recognizable names as well.

    U.S. Patriot Tactical has learned to incorporate more in-depth content for its' website, utilizing copywriters to create detailed product descriptions. The retailer essentially has leaned more towards search engine optimization the organic way, which fits their budget, and at the same time, boosts their online sales. With a search for "military boots", the report stated U.S. Patriot ranked first among Google organic listings.

    The retailers also has the competition of Amazon with selling their online products. As robust as Amazon is on the web, U.S. Patriot had to be agile with certain products in order to create sales. Yoo said in the article, “Sometimes we’ll buy up the inventory from the manufacturer before Amazon will even get their hands on it. For us, being nimble is survival. For now, I have more inventory on many items than Amazon does, since this is my specialty. But the minute they decide to go into my niche, I’m not sure I’ll have very much to say about it. That’s something a lot of small retailers are faced with.” The company has also opted to sell some of its' products on Amazon, such as boots, due to its' vast 60,000 stock of them. It can also prepare for competing in local markets by implementing same-day delivery, which is what Amazon is doing as well. A Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express can help deliver products fast nationwide. The Charlotte Courier can help compete in the long-term.

    References: 6.24.14, Internet Retailer, Stefany Zaroban, How one Second 500 e-retailer handles Amazon and Google


    Postal Service Seeking More Profits, Deliver Packages On Sundays And Same-Day Delivery

    It is a great time for the Postal Service, as it has begun to see some daylight after the years of losses. The mailing giant only suffered $5 billion in losses last year, which is a big difference from almost $16 billion in 2012. This is due to some major restructuring with the company’s business strategy and it’s working. The Postal Service is now pursuing to shut down Saturday mail deliveries, which will give it even more flexibility to implement other services that generate more revenue.

    The Federal Times reported that the Postal Service is now seeking after delivering packages on Sundays. This would mean it will provide package deliveries every day of the week. It is something that the Postal Service has found is being well-received by customers so far, as it currently offers package deliveries in a number of US cities already. Those cities include New York City, Los Angeles, some areas in Texas, and some Mid-Atlantic areas.

    The company believes the shift to Sunday service will be pay off, as Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe made the announcement of the company changes at the annual National Postal Forum. He stated at the forum, “That is why we are moving toward the seven day model. It has caught on like wildfire in New York. We have a whole group of customers there”. When the demands and needs of the customer changes, businesses must evaluate their services and change along with them. The Postal Service is making the right changes before the company was going to clearly hit rock bottom.

    At the forum, Donahoe also mentioned about the new venture of same-day delivery, which the Postal Service is offering in New York City, which is also known as Metro Post. It has been successful there as well. Same-day delivery is a service that is becoming more popular involving meeting the delivery needs of online customers. Online retail has consistently grown at 16% annually in recent years, as more customers shop and conduct business via mobile devices. Now, there is a huge market for customers that desire their online purchases to arrive at their front door the same-day.

    It’s a service source that the Postal Service can have an advantage in long-term. E-retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Wal-Mart have implemented same-day delivery in a number of US cities. However, unlike the Postal Service, none of them have a vast and robust vehicle fleet that can cover the entire country. The other viable option for the e-retailers is to invest in their own delivery fleet or partner with a same-day courier like A-1 Express to perform the deliveries for them. The Charlotte Courier can help online companies with same-day delivery nationwide.

    All of these e-retailers show no signs of slowing down, as they continue to make major investments to develop their own effective version of same-day delivery. Amazon and Wal-Mart even provide same-day grocery delivery services in Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, and more. The Postal Service is currently partnering with Amazon to perform their same-day deliveries in New York and this relationship will probably grow.

    Reference: 3.18.14, www.federaltimes.com, Andy Medici, Postal Service pushing package delivery into Sundays