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    Consumeron Receives Patent Utilizing Mobile Video Devices For Same-Day Delivery

    The hunt for same-day delivery is not just happening with the big boys. Many companies are following suit and in the race to provide the most sought after service option since the e-commerce boom. With the creation of mobile devices and tablets, every business knows customers are shopping all the time. This means they are buying something and that something can be their product.

    The evolution that same-day delivery causes does not stop with someone just picking up your purchase and have it in your hands within hours. It is more than that with a new personal assistance on demand delivery service company called Consumeron. In a recent article from Telepresence Options, the company says what if you not only had your shopping item delivered, but you could actually see live in real time what the driver purchased for you from that same store.

    Consumeron announced their patent issued on the lucrative technology this past week. It includes the patent for remote acquisition and delivery of goods with real-time video inspection. Their same-day delivery service will consist of who they term as stationed mobile delivery agents or “grabbers” throughout various areas of cities. When an order is placed for a product online, the customer will be able to locate and choose the closest grabber to make the pick up of their purchase. That grabber would go into the store and via Consumeron’s new device, the shopper will be given visibility to what the grabber sees. This is as close to feeling the product an online shopper can get.

    Customers will be able to use point-of-view video streaming and inspect the very goods they are buying. “We’re so advanced in some areas but backwards in others. Today, when you have to go get it yourself. The most important part of delivery-the last mile-hasn’t really evolved at all. To be able to get anything you need when you need it is just common sense,” said Consumeron CEO and Co-Inventor Mark Barron regarding the delivery of goods in the article. He went on to say, “Consumeron could open up a world of options, and finally bridge the worlds of online shopping and brick-and-mortar retail.”

    This is a testament to just how far technology has come. Online shopping is a great convenience already, yet this type of service just makes the online experience friendly and better. To be successful in the e-commerce world, in the middle of the business and consumer, will have to be a courier service.

    The boom in the pursuit for same-day delivery has created a fresh and new demand for courier services like A-1 Express. This is a nationwide courier that has the expertise businesses are looking to partner with to put them over the top regarding same-day delivery. A-1 Express understands the latest online service demands and operates with the latest in courier technology to meet them.

    Reference: 9.6.12, Jessie Prashar, Mobile Telepresence Adds Fuel To The Race For Same-Day Delivery