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    Oil Prices Decreasing, Means Saving With Couriers

    If anyone would have said oil prices would be dropping this summer, instead of rising, that would have been challenging to believe. However, the tables have drastically turned and things are looking a lot brighter for the everyday gas consumer.

    CNN Money reported late last week that oil prices dropped to $78.58. This is the first time the price of oil has been below $80 per barrel since October of last year. "The steady decline in oil prices isn't unusual for this time of year. June is a weak month for oil prices," said Dan Dicker, known oil trader and author. "Now, you're adding that to negative growth, and that's having an impact".

    The negative growth Dicker speaks of us the slow down in global economies, such as America, Japanese and European manufacturing. The US is now increasing crude oil production, which have helped prices fall also. Jobless claims have not improved, therefore, had an impact in the the dropping prices of oil.

    As a result of the significant drop in oil prices, gas prices are decreasing as well. The AAA has reported the current pump price average is $3.47 per gallon. This has been a sigh of relief for consumers, who have endured four months of gas prices of $3.50 and above. Kloza, the AAA data firm, forecasts prices will continue to fall well into the $70's per barrel in the upcoming weeks.

    With lower gas prices, consumers probably can expect lower pricing with couriers. A Courier service like A1Express always has the customer is mind to provide the most competitive pricing available. This same-day delivery messenger has the best combination of service and price Nationwide. With spending less at the pump, businesses and individuals can put their money where it matters most. A1Express can help your company make successful deliveries, meet document deadlines, and save money, all at the same time.

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