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    CVS Creates Virtual 3-D Drugstore App for Online Shopping, Will Offer Same-Day Pick Up

    CVS is one of the largest drugstores in the US and many people enjoy being able to not have to drive far to reach one. Their location strategy has brought huge competitive advantages and their new app created appears to be just another tool to help the longevity of their success.

    CVS has developed a virtual 3-D drugstore application for Apple's iPad that shoppers can use reported Internet Retailer. The application offers a layout just like a actual CVS store, in which customers can use right from home. Shoppers can browse a CVS store through virtual aisles for an array of products and services. They can also manage their own prescription accounts. This creates a value-added service for those who may be ill or enable to commute to the the physical store.

    The new app comes with many tools customers can use to shop relative to their prescriptions. Customers can scroll through their prescriptions, schedule refills, and view them for pick up. Caregivers can manage prescriptions for multiple patients at the same time by sorting by patient and refill status. Through the app zoom function, patients can also read their prescription labels right from the virtual store for any prescription details and information they need.

    Brian Tilzer, senior vice president and chief digital officer, appears to be very pleased and excited about the new app. He stated, “About a year ago, we began to notice more and more significant traffic from tablet devices and decided we needed to start thinking about providing an easy-to-use experience geared towards iPads. Early on the plan was to create a 3-D virtual store that would feel intuitive to navigate as our customers are so familiar with our store layout. Our plan is to continue to test, refine and augment the app. Customers should check back for updates to this app as additional safety features and interactive functionality will be launching later this year.”

    The emergence of mobile commerce is at the core of this new app being so attractive. Online business is growing at 16% annually and shows no signs of slowing down. More shoppers are using mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and more to make their purchases. This appears to be the first drugstore app of its' kind. CVS loyalty program customers can manage their rewards and coupons from the app as well.

    Many companies have begun initiatives enabling their customers to pick up their online orders. Target, eBay, Macy's, and more are currently testing same-day delivery in various markets nationwide, along with pick up options. Wal-Mart will be testing an in-store locker system for online orders, in which shoppers will and come pick up their products from local participating stores. With the continual growth of e-commerce and mobile shopping, a sound delivery system will be a value-added service for customers who desire to have their products delivered also.

    Whether CVS or other drug store companies, same-day courier services like A-1 Express can assist with a same-day delivery solution to meet their customer pick up needs. This New Jersey Courier could partner with CVS as a delivery option for customers, caregivers and patients that aren't able to pick up their store prescriptions themselves. A-1 Express is an experienced, professional courier servicing over 1,500 clients, including Fortune 500 companies with courier logistic solutions.

    Reference: 3.28.13. Internet Retailer, Katie Deatsch, CVS takes its drugstore to the tablet