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    How to Become a Motorcycle Courier

    Motorcycle couriers are usually used for delivering small packages or special delivery letters around a fairly small area. There are different requirements and skills that people need to have if they want to become a motorcycle courier. 

    Some of the different skills and requirements a motorcycle courier should have and the advantages of motorcycle courier services include: 

    Advantages – This form of courier service became very popular when traffic & congestion became a problem in major cities across the country. So, for example, when traffic is moving at a mere 5 miles an hour a motorcycle courier is able to move through the traffic a lot faster. This makes motorcycle & bike couriers perfect for deliveries that need to get to their destination as soon as possible (24 hour deliveries or express deliveries). And with the price of gas continuously rising, courier companies are leaning more towards bike & motorcycle couriers to save money

    Requirements for couriers – Usually, motorcycle couriers must have their license for at least a year. Some courier companies may require that you take a motorcycle safety course.

    Skills for motorcycle couriers – They need to have an array of skills and qualities including;

    • License – Have the right license and ability for the style of motorcycle couriers are riding.
    • Map reading – The ability to read maps accurately and be able to determine the best route to follow to get to any destination as quick as possible.
    • Numeracy and literacy – Have good numeracy and literacy skills because you will be depended on to make an accurate calculation of the final delivery cost.
    • Reliable – Be completely reliable because you will be required to work alone, you will need to stick to a time schedule and are often trusted with valuable items.