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    Macy's Joins In, Launches Same-Day Delivery

    When you see a lot of others retailers make same-day delivery a part of their arsenal to compete, you definitely take notice. When the service becomes more than just a trend and multiple investments be made by large retailers, you know then its' time to join the race and see how the service can revolutionize your own business. Macy's is one large retailer that has decided to dive into the service and it appears the company is going head first into same-day delivery.

    CNN Money has reported that Macy's will be launching same-day delivery this fall in a number of major US cities, as the battle for fast shipping gets even more intense. Macy's first roll-out of cities will include Chicago, San Jose, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, D.C. and New Jersey. With the established physical store locations Macy's has, it can implement a service such a same-day delivery fairly with ease, instead of just one or two cities. With the big moves by Amazon, Google, Wal-mart, and more, same-day delivery appears to be something Macy's wants to immediately offer, especially right before the holiday season. New York City has yet to be announced as a city that Macy's will offer same-day delivery, however, the big apple may come down the line.

    Macy's same-day delivery approach involves partnering with Deliv to handle its' actual deliveries, which does the same for Foot Locker, Westfield Group, and General Growth Properties. It also now offers online store pick up to its' shoppers nationwide. This is another convenience that shoppers have turned to, which considerably lowers the wait time for what they've purchased online and the time spent in the actual store. Some customers will now be able to go the Macy's, pick up their clothing and go. Macy's will also soon provide shoppers upload photo capabilities to an app that match the clothes on their website, plus in some places, check for different sizes and colors.

    Experts have thought Macy's would be one of the best fits for same-day delivery. The company has the longevity of demand that has resulted in the brand and popularity most retailers dream of having. Many shoppers know of Macy's and loves it. With this in mind, Macy's alone can draw online shoppers to not only go into their stores, yet also stay at home and allow the premier clothing be shipped to their front door for a change. That's what same-day delivery does and Macy's knows it. Bloomingdale's will begin offering same-day delivery in a number of the cities as well.

    If any other company that could compete with Amazon regarding same-day delivery, some experts have said Macy's could do it. The retailer has numerous locations which can act as actual warehouses and order fulfillment centers for online purchases. This is why Amazon has built its' fulfillment centers strategically located nationwide to meet the goal of what it was planning to reach for a while. Now, same-day delivery is what Amazon is rolling out in major US cities, which since August, headed eastward to include New York City, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Dallas, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.

    After seeing what Amazon has done, Macy's feels it has become inevitable that same-day delivery would be a necessary service to compete. Physical store and web-based retailers can implement same-day delivery by partnering with a same-day courier like A-1 Express. The Houston Courier has a nationwide footprint to be able to offer large and small retailers the delivery system to provide same-day delivery. If Macy's has now turned to same-day delivery, multiple retailers will now begin to launch same-day delivery also.

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    Same-Day Delivery For Amazon, Now Atlanta

    When big name, web-based retailers and physical store retailers all begin aiming for the same target, you can be assured that there has to be something profitable behind it. This is what big investments into same-day delivery mean for retailers, as the race for it heats up more. Namely, Amazon and Google are making strategic moves to get ahead with same day. As of now, Amazon has made the latest move as it stretches same-day delivery into another major city.

    The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Amazon launches same-day delivery again. Amazon launches "Get It Today" same-day delivery in Atlanta and other Metro Atlanta cities. Alongside the big city of Altanta, the named metro cities will include Marietta, Alpharetta, Mableton, and Kennesaw. Atlantans will have until 12noon to get their online orders in and Amazon will get it to their front door the same day. Amazon will have the service available for its' customers seven days a week .

    Amazon "Prime" customers will have the benefit of their membership with paying only $5.99 per order. Non-members will pay $8.99 per order, with an additional $.99 cents per item within their order. Within the Amazon product selection on its' website, shoppers will have the "Get It Today" option, which shows all of the items that can be ordered and delivered the same-day. Amazon also has a "Get It Tomorrow" delivery option, which will filter millions of more items that can be delivered next day.

    No other big name retailer has rolled out the service in Atlanta, which makes Amazon the first to do it. With this paving the way, more than likely, more e-retailers will implement it there as well. Google Shopping Express is being offered in a number of California cities and recently was launched in the big apple New York. Google also has partnered with Barnes & Noble to fulfill online order for books, which could be instrumental in the book companies efforts to turn their sales upstream. EBay also has same-day delivery in several cities, as well as retail leader Wal-Mart, which has surprisingly several cities offering same-day delivery.

    Amazon already announced early August that its' same-day delivery service programs would expand into 6 more US cities. The cities included New York City, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Dallas. Now, Atlanta becomes another big city that Amazon is implementing same-day delivery. At this pace, Amazon probably has a number of other cities in its' sights by the end of the year. Just as in the other cities, the e-retailer will be offering a million eligible items, including movies, video games, last-minute travel items, toys, quick fix-it needs, sporting goods, electronics, and more.

    No details were given in the report on whether Amazon was going to be performing the actual deliveries itself. Google has partnered with a same-day courier for its' deliveries. However, Amazon has always touted that it will utilize its' own delivery fleet. However, a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express is a viable option to partner with for servicing Atlanta and any other major city in the US. A-1 Express is a nationwide courier and can quickly implement a delivery logistics solution to fit Amazon's strategy. The Atlanta Courier will also be an immediate source for customer returns and error deliveries.

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    Newegg Goes For Same-Day Delivery In Los Angeles

    If a retailer wants big growth in business in these times, there is no doubt the company will have to do it with a strong online strategy. A retailer will not be able to do it without meeting the demand of shoppers that are on the go, especially the younger market. Technology is making it easy to shop, therefore, e-retailers are seeking to make it easy to get their products to their customers. This is what has unlocked the door for same-day delivery to become a vital niche to increase online and store sales. It's no coincidence that tech company Newegg has decided to join in and make same-day delivery a part of its' arsenal to compete online.

    Newegg has announced that it will launch same-day delivery in Los Angeles starting Tuesday, the day after Labor Day. The tech retailer will provide same-day delivery to all of its' customers within 50 miles of its' City of Industry warehouse. Orders placed by 11am will deliver same day, which all retailers providing the service have their respective cut-off times. On the Newegg site, a shopper can simply checkout and select the "Local Express" service, and their order will be delivered by 6pm. Newegg's same-day delivery will cost an additional $20 bucks to each order.

    This could be just the beginning of Newegg's same-day delivery moves. If the service has positive results in Los Angeles, Newegg will expand into Indianapolis, Memphis and Edison, New Jersey. One of the key statements Newegg stated regarding same-day delivery in the article is why it has decided to test the service. Same-day delivery is "quickly becoming the gold standard on online retail", PC World quoting the e-retailer. When big name retailers like Amazon, which sells a number of electronics, begins to offer same-day delivery, other competitors will either make the shift or be slowly swept away. Newegg has it sites on testing in Los Angeles until Christmas of this year.

    There is something about the demographics for Los Angeles that keeps retailers coming back for more when it comes to same-day delivery. A number of big name retailers have all rolled out the service in this prime California city, including Google, Amazon, eBay, and more. Wal-Mart is even in the race for same-day delivery, launching the service in a number of US cities. "WalMarttoGo" is the giant retailer's online store pick-up service in which customers can order online and then pick up their order at a local participating store. It is currently being tested in Denver, yet if it thrives, it could hit Los Angeles or another city in California.

    It truly does make sense for Newegg to be in the business of same-day delivery, since customers have immediate needs to replace their pc parts. Instead of making deliveries itself, Newegg could partner with a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express and have computer components and electronics delivered in no time. The Los Angeles Courier has the courier expertise to create an optimal delivery system that fits exactly what Newegg or other tech companies are striving to do. With quick implementation, Newegg can continue to its' daily operations without slowing down at all.

    Reference: 8.26.14,, Ian Paul, Newegg rolls out same-day delivery in Los Angeles


    Uber Announces Launch of New Drug Store Delivery Service

    If there is one thing that people will continue to need is to take care of themselves, and drug stores have been strategically placed locally to do just that. No matter how close they are, the reality is some people don't have the means to get there and sometimes, they simply don't have the time. As the buzz for same-day delivery continues to flourish, Uber offers a new same-day delivery service to the drug store industry that appears will help heavily to meet this demand.

    Taxi app company Uber has announced the launch of its new drug store on-demand delivery service. The service will pick up and deliver common items from the local drug store such as medicine, toiletries, and other drug store products. The name of Uber's new feature called "Uber Corner Store", is currently being tested in Washington, DC. Last year, Uber started a courier service in Manhattan to deliver flowers, ice cream and Christmas trees. Uber is pulling out all the stops to compete in the same-day delivery market.

    The service is simple. A shopper can go on Uber's app, go to the "Corner Store" option and request a driver. Uber then sends a text message to a link with a list of items that they can purchase. An Uber driver then calls the shopper and takes their order, which is charged to the customer's Uber account. "The more you love it, the more likely it will last", said Uber in a blog post. The company just completed a funding round valued at $18.2 billion, which should easily help get the foundation for the service solid and active.

    The once only personal transportation company, is looking to branch out from this business sector in hopes to expand into new markets. The delivery and transportation industry, combined with online business, has created an opportunity to create a niche in this area. The company that innovate, will be the e-retailer that thrives, as e-commerce continues to grow itself. By all means, e-retailers are rushing to see how fast they can get their products into a shoppers' hands without them having to lift a finger themselves.

    As online retail grows over 16% annually, there is no doubt that same-day delivery is the solution for retailers, especially physical stores. Target, Macy's, BestBuy, Toys-R-Us, and others are all engaging in some form of same-day delivery. Phone provider Verizon Wireless also offers same-day delivery for itstelecommunication products. One of the most notables is Wal-Mart, which has launched same-day delivery from its' stores in a number of US cities. It also is testing "WalMarttoGo" in Denver, involving online customers picking up their orders at participating stores.

    Big drug store retailer Wal-Green's has partnered with Google to get their items moving out the door. Uber appears to be doing the same and is entering this sector with high expectations. Retailers can partner with a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express and get it done. The New York Courier has a national footprint and the ability to implement an optimal delivery system quickly, which is needed in order to keep stride with the growth of online retail innovations.

    Reference: 8.19.14, CNN Money, James O'Toole, Uber launches drug store delivery service


    US Postal Service Loses $2 Billion, Can Same-Day Delivery Help?

    The US Postal Service has tried to turn the tide in the recent years and everything appeared to be head in the right direction. However, the earnings for the second quarter has the mailing company holding its' head down for the moment.

    With some disheartening figures, the US Postal Service lost $2 billion in the 2nd quarter of this year. The losses were between April and June. This is a huge difference from a net loss of $740 million during the same period in 2013. Therefore, its' losses more than doubled in direct comparison. One contributor to the hit is the falling use of first-class mail, which use to be a key profit maker for the USPS. It fell 1.4 percent, yet was offset by the 3.2 percent rise in revenues for the same product

    Joseph Corbett, the USPS Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, did comment on the stunning numbers, yet appears to be focused on the operational needs as the solution. "To continue to provide world-class service and remain competitive, we must invest up to $10 billion to replace our aging vehicle fleet, purchase additional package-sorting equipment, and make necessary upgrades to our infrastructure". The delivery fleet is one of the competitive advantages for the company, which it can't do without, especially because its' trucks can be used for other business ventures.

    These figures were staggering the company attempting to regroup and make a comeback from multiple years of high-digit losses. The USPS says the big hits are a result of the government's requirement to reserve billions to ensure that its' retirees have their future health benefits. The payments are made in installments of $5.7 billion, which it has already defaulted on three of its' payments, as another payment is due September 30th, which is weeks away. It can be challenging to get ahead with these constant payments required and the USPS finds what little revenue it has received since last year to quickly turn into losses.

    The mailing company attempted to be innovative last year, launched PostMate, which offering same-day delivery of packages and other items. It also began working with Amazon to provide deliveries as well. Amazon knows that the USPS has the delivery system it takes to really nail down a solid foundation for delivering online orders the same day. It definitely has the robust fleet size it takes to perform same-day delivery in multiple US cities nationwide.

    Can same-day delivery help the US Postal Service? With the growth of same-day delivery throughout the US, all the company needs is a strong partnership coupled with a strong business innovation in regards to e-retail. Amazon, Google, eBay and more all desire a grounded delivery fleet. The USPS appears to turning more and more towards innovation to get out of the red, which just might work. Any company can partner with a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express and implement same-day delivery for online order fulfillment. The New York Courier has the expertise and delivery system it takes to help any company thrive delivering products the same day.

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