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    Stay out of Traffic

    It's 3:00pm and you need a miracle to get a part to a customer by 5:00pm.  You rush to tell your boss you're going to have to leave to pick up the part and deliver it.  You're making all the right moves to exit the building.  You get to the parking lot in great time.  Hope is alive.  You hop in your vehicle, start it up, and you're ready to complete today's mission.  You take a few turns and everything looks great until you get on 18th Street.  Your hope gets lost in the sea of traffic right before your eyes.  It not only takes an unexpected 20 minutes of time, but fuel as well.  You overcome this hurdle, only to face more traffic on the highway.  Now you have to face the brutal question, "Will I make it?"  

    There is an alternative to morning and late day traffic and it is utilizing a same-day courier service.  A1 Express can help you.  What you did not know was we had a courier picking up a part a block away from the warehouse you were pressing to make it to that day, and our driver was only 5 minutes away. 

    You can stay out of traffic and there are many benefits with making this impacting decision.  One benefit from staying out of traffic is car accident reductions.  Rushing to do anything can lead to mistakes, including when driving in traffic.  Traffic is the leading cause of death in the US from the ages of 1-34 years old.  Transportation delivery consolidation creates less traffic.  Through our transportation routing expertise, A1 Express consolidates same-day deliveries affecting traffic in a positive manner.  This means less fuel emissions which take an active role in helping the environment.  You could essentially not have spent any more or saved money by using a courier due to the factor of the gas used in traffic.  Lastly, you can keep the cost of your time, which ultimately equals saving money as well.
    Whatever situation arises, whether it's a part that was left off the pallet, a last minute business deal that came through and your customer wants to buy your product, or you need an envelope delivered, A-1 Express can help you stay out of morning or late-day traffic.  With a team of professional drivers and experienced agents nationwide, A-1Express provides ground and air solutions for immediate transportation of all your recurring time-critical deliveries.  We provide Same-Day, Scheduled, Bike Messenger, Emergency/Expedited, and many more courier delivery services.  Don't let traffic stop you.  Visit our website.  Call A1 Express today because when you can't make it, we can!