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    Best Places To Start A Business

    When starting a business, one of the big key questions taken where should you start it. This is especially important with the current slow economy in the US. The government is looking very highly on those who do start businesses, viewing them a job creators. Sometimes, depending on your market and product, its' best for start-up companies to open their doors in certain cities that fit.

    A recent report by CNN Money has found there are cities that are considered the best places to start a business. Within these cities right now, start-ups are experiencing growth. Below are some of the cities on their list.

    Boulder, Colorado - Boulder is one the best places to start in the technology industry. Entrepreneurs say it has similarities to Silicon Valley, yet without the high costs to start there. You will find investors and mentors there. The city has less than 300,000 people, however, attracts a large amount of venture capital. The highlight in Boulder is their TechStar start-up development program. Since 2007, the program has helped 65 start-ups generate $115 million in funding.

    Cincinnati, Ohio - The city had falling venture capital, however, big corporations have started what is called Cintrifuse. The program provides office space, connections, and access to investors nationwide via a special funding program. CincyTech, a nonprofit venture capital provider, also assists start-ups with early funding and mentoring classes.

    Des Moines, Iowa - The city is becoming more popular for start-ups. Organizations such as StartupCity Des Moines, are helping to provide work space, funding and networking opportunities for companies beginning there. Start-up Iowa, which exists under the Start-up America initiative, hosts educational events and network opportunities.

    Omaha, Nebraska - The Big Omaha is a conference the city holds, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurs throughout the Midwest attend this yearly event. Start-ups also have at their disposal the Silicon Prairie News, a digital media company that helps the start-up business community as a whole. The report also stated Omaha is home of many large corporations that are looking for start-up companies to work with.

    Whatever your business may be, start-up businesses also need to handle the growth, which with the increases of e-commerce and online selling, can occur at a rapid pace. With the need to fulfill orders, nationwide couriers such as A-1 Express can be a viable option to help make deliveries as a start-up company. This Indianapolis courier is able to create specific courier logistic solutions fit for your company. A-1 Express has quick courier implementation and can make it easier to meet demand in other markets.

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