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    SOUQ.com Brings Same-Day Delivery to Middle East

    Most of the trending for Same-Day Delivery has the US in the forefront, as well as Canada, London, India, and China. Yet now, the Middle East is being reported on as being another area where same-day delivery is being launched in to help online retail thrive.

    Arabian Supply Chain recently discussed how SOUQ.com, the Middle East's largest online retail and marketplace platform, has announced the launch of its' new same-day delivery program in the region. This will be the very first e-commerce company to offer this level of delivery in that area, which could prove to pioneer the service there. The retailer will begin in Dubai with plans to expand. The service for "Fulfilled by SOUQ" (FBS) will be for all online orders placed by 3pm.

    “Our primary objective is to deliver the highest quality products and a service as efficient and quick as possible to our customers,” said Ronaldo Mouchawar, SOUQ.com CEO & Co-Founder in the article. He went on to say, “With the Fulfilled by SOUQ (FBS) program, we manage the fulfilment and logistics for third-party sellers, saving them time and money, and our home-grown logistics arm Q-Express as well as our partnership with WING.ae provide us with the most efficient delivery service in the region with real-time order tracking. We believe that our same day delivery and SOUQ delivery promise initiatives are a huge step forward in corresponding supply with customers’ demand and further making online shopping experience seamless and enjoyable.”

    One of the main drivers for online retailers implementing same-day delivery is online giant Amazon. The largest e-retailer in the US has possibly by itself revolutionized e-commerce via same-day delivery. Amazon currently has free same-day delivery in 27 city markets, including the New York, Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Seattle-Tacoma, Orlando, Nashville, Raleigh, Richmond, Tucson, Atlanta, and others. The e-retailer has Amazon Prime Now in London, as well as its' recent launch of free same-day delivery in Toronto and Vancouver this past October.

    Wisam Daoud, COO of SOUQ.com also said in the article, “This innovative initiative is one of the region’s first- enabling customers to choose from the largest assortment of products and categories at the quickest turnaround. This landmark service will allow customers to buy their products in just a few clicks and receive their purchases just a few hours later- a testament to our constant endeavour of utilising technology and our operational expertise to further drive the e-commerce growth in the region.”

    Same-day delivery is forecasted to grow to over $987 million by 2019. This equates to more involvement by countries engaging the service into their shipping options, meeting today's shopper demands. Customers want speed and convenience, and a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express may be just what retailers need to shift how they ultimately sell product. The New York Courier has a national footprint in the US, with a track record of consistently providing same-day solutions.

    Reference: 11.10.16, www.arabiansupplychain.com, ASC Staff, SOUQ.com enhances logistics with same-day delivery


    UPS Aims for Access Lockers to Grow E-Commerce

    It comes down to UPS staying current with the changes that today's e-commerce creates. Just being able to perform traditional shipping options won't cut it alone. A versatile carrier is what UPS must become in order to provide what so many retailers and other companies require. This is what the latest move UPS appears to confirm what the shipment leader is in pursuit of doing.

    Small biz trends recently reported UPS has officially launched its new Access Point Lockers. UPS initially had been piloting the locker program within nine of its' stores in Chicago since 2014. With the roll out, the carrier now has added 300 self-service package pickup lockers nationwide. This is aggressive expansion for a new delivery solution such as this. Plagued with several error shipment complaints from customers, UPS is seeking to quickly implement the locker system to establish a strong customer loyalty base now, yet especially for the fast approaching holiday season.

    UPS Access Point locker program director Kalin Robinson stated in the article, “For online retailers, providing additional convenient delivery locations is one of the secrets to more shopping cart conversions, greater loyalty and happier customers. UPS Access Point lockers can be easily accessed when it fits the shopper’s schedule, giving an online retailer added value to present at checkout. The lockers enable more shoppers to enjoy the ease and simplicity of buying online." As more of its' customers desire simplicity with shopping online, so the demand grows for more retailers and carriers together to provide more simple, convenient delivery solutions.

    “The increase in online shopping parallels the interest in alternate delivery locations,” Robinson added. “UPS Access Point lockers are one of the many ways that UPS is helping our customers offer consumers a great online shopping experience.” Online shoppers are desiring options, even the options that are fast. As e-commerce grows, UPS is faced with the task of supplying consumers, retailers and others with with innovative delivery methods that all of them can consistently use.

    The world's largest package delivery company has even began to study Same-Day Delivery earlier this year. A strategic investment was made into Deliv, a start-up company that has created a niche similar to a Same-Day Courier, but utilizes a crowd-sourcing approach to perform its deliveries. The venture arm of UPS led a $28 million funding round for Deliv, making it clear that UPS is serious about developing value-added services. UPS also has taken a minority stake in Deliv and sits in on board meetings as well.

    The UPS lockers will certainly serve as another reminder of how e-commerce has affected the way we do business. Customers are driving online retail to become as close to physical store shopping as it can be. A1Express has hundreds of companies that it provides same-day delivery for, as well as develop innovative same-day logistic solutions throughout the New York area. The New York Courier operates with the latest in courier technology that is essential for on-time and accurate deliveries.

    Reference: 7.7.16, www.smallbiztrends.com, Antony Maina, UPS Lockers Serve eCommerce Customers without Delivery Address


    Wal-Mart Competes With Amazon, Goes Free Trial Next-Day Delivery

    Amazon may be pursuing to dominate online, yet, the largest retailer in the world has decided to flex its muscles and so the battle begins.

    Wal-Mart recently launched testing of Same-Day Delivery of groceries to compete with Amazon. Now, it has made another strategic move with offering a next-day delivery shipping option of its own. Internet Retailer recently reported how Wal-Mart is aggressively going after Amazon with it new pilot program ShippingPass. It is an annual membership program that shoppers can join for only $49 compared to Amazon's $99 Prime membership fee.

    With ShippingPass, members will get free next-day delivery, as well as those that have already paid their fee will receive a free additional month. Wal-Mart will also offer 30-day trial memberships to pilot program, which launched last year. On WalMart.com, A logo will be next to the product, showing shoppers the products eligible for ShippingPass.

    Fernando Madeira, president and CEO of Walmart.com, commented on the service and customers' positive responses to it. “ShippingPass is about half the price of similar programs out there at just $49 a year, and customers who are using it, love it,” Madeira said. In contrast, Paula Rosenblum, managing partner at consulting and research firm RSR Research LLC, mentioned how Wal-Mart may have an issue with it. She stated, “Wal-Mart has a problem. Its sales are basically flat. It is trying all different kinds of initiatives to drive customers to its site, and get them to buy repeatedly. One of the things it’s trying is basically Prime at half the price. This sounds good on paper, but does miss out on some of the other benefits Prime members get, including content, e-books, and where available, free two-hour delivery.”

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is hoping the new free shipping with two-day delivery will turn more shoppers to WalMart.com. This translates into Wal-Mart being aggressive in regards to a big push against Amazon's growth momentum online. Amazon has not only utilized its' Prime membership plan to gain customers, but also to keep them. In Addition, the e-retailer has steadily expanded its free same-day delivery program throughout 27 major US cities, including San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Dallas-Fort Worth, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, Richmond, and more. At its' pace, Amazon will soon offer the service nationwide.

    If not now, when would Wal-Mart join in, considering how delivery options are revolutionizing the impact of e-commerce. Amazon, Google, Macy's, and more are all showing that online business is the new store that any retailer cannot survive without. Many retailers are partnering with a Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express to develop sound same-day delivery solutions for online order fulfillment. The New York Courier has the expertise to help any retailer or online business' delivery system thrive.

    Reference: 6.29.16, www.internetretailer.com, Matt Lindner, Wal-Mart offers a free trial of its Amazon Prime-like free shipping program


    Best Buy Begins Testing Same-Day Delivery In 13 More Markets

    It's not a light matter when you as a retailer see continuous Same-Day Delivery expansion by Amazon. If you're a competitor, you must decide to expand as well. A recent report by Forbes discusses how electronics leader Best Buy has announced it will be rolling out testing of same-day delivery in 13 more major metropolitan markets nationwide. The announcement comes shortly after Amazon's official roll out of free same-day delivery in 11 US cities.

    With the consumer electronics having the highest online sales percentage in US retail, as well as eMarketer expects computer and consumer electronics revenue from online retail sales in the US will exceed $85 billion this year, Best Buy is taking an aggressive approach to take on Amazon regarding same-day delivery. This initiative began last year, as the retailer began testing the service in San Francisco and its' surrounding areas, New York and Washington DC.

    Best Buy is partnering with start-up delivery company Deliv, which utilizes a crowd sourcing base approach to fast same-day services. Deliv essentially fulfills online orders via Best Buy stores. It takes a good mix of volume, infrastructure and demographics for the service to be successful. Best Buy has over 400 stores nationwide, and with this type of reach, the retailer can implement same-day delivery on a mass scale where its' locations are.

    The testing expansion into 13 metropolitan city markets is more than likely only the beginning of more to come, especially if it wants to seriously compete with Amazon. In comparison, Amazon is now up to 27 major cities that it provides free same-day delivery, and the year is far from over. EMarketer also stated in the article that revenue from computer and consumer electronics retail sales online will also grow to over $100 billion in 2018, making it the US retail product category with the highest generated revenue. Best Buy may not be done with expanding either.

    One reason is solely based on the holiday season, per a National Retailer Federation survey, consumers said 46% of their holiday shopping in 2015 would be done online. This figure brings into view for Best Buy, Amazon and any other major retailer the vital need to be innovative online more than ever before. The article mentioned Best Buy's same-day delivery is a part of its' ongoing commitment to improve the in-store and online shopping experience. It meets a higher level of convenience demand that online shoppers are looking for, and it indirectly promotes traffic into physical stores.

    Several retailers team up with a Nationwide Courier like A-1 Express to implement same-day delivery throughout the US. The New York Courier has the courier expertise and size to effectively establish delivery solutions in any key major US city. As Amazon and Best Buy go deeper into last-mile deliveries, more and more companies will too.

    Reference: 4.13.16, www.forbes.com, Trefis Team, Same Day Delivery: Best Buy's Plan to Take On Amazon?


    More Same-Day Grocery Delivery for Whole Foods

    Grocery delivery services are growing day by day, as customers begin to become more comfortable with having their food products delivered. What adds to the value of grocery delivery is that is provides a high level of convenience. It saves customers time spending at the store, and the gas money it takes to driver there. Whole Foods is a supermarket chain that joined with Instacart in 2014 and found a successful niche in same-day grocery delivery, coupled with its already strong loyal customer base. It made sense to do it then, and it makes sense to expand now.

    Whole Foods has announced it will be expanding its same-day grocery services via the mobile grocery shopping app Instacart. Internet Retailer reported that Whole Foods will be adding an unspecified number of markets in which it will offer same-day grocery delivery, in addition to its current 17 metro areas where the Instacart delivery option is being offered. The grocery retailer appears to be seeking to gain more of the online grocery market share, especially with e-retail based Amazon and Google positioning themselves to turn more fast grocery shoppers their way from physical supermarkets directly.

    AmazonFresh has been at it for a while, especially mid-last year teaming up with the US Postal Service to deliver groceries in San Francisco, as well as 38 various zip codes in the area. It is also available in the companies hometown Seattle, Los Angeles and more. Google Express officially launched Same-Day Delivery of groceries last month, delivering produce, meat, eggs and other perishable goods in parts of San Francisco and Los Angeles also.

    The article also discussed what Whole Foods' pricing is for same-day grocery services. Its' hour-window service cost a $5.99 fee, while its two-hour window service is $3.99. Short window times with the service tend to be fixed, being they're food and perishables, yet, the accuracy of delivery is more critical because it is food. Several supermarket chains that offer the service partner with an expert Same-Day Courier like A-1 Express to perform the actual deliveries. The New York Courier functions at a fast pace and has a national footprint to meet client expansion demand quickly.

    Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta commented on the successful strides that Whole Foods is making partnering with them. He stated, “Instacart and Whole Foods Market share a mutual commitment to providing our customers with the easiest and most seamless grocery shopping experience possible. We look forward to continuing to innovate with Whole Foods Market in the services that we can bring to users.” This shows that Whole Foods is able to create the ominchannels it wants that is results in store food sales.

    With the Instacart mobile app or website, Whole Foods is in big US markets such as Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C. and more. At the time of the announcement, the new expansion markets include Orange County, California, and Baltimore. Whole Foods has also been reaching out to more customers that are on the go via coupons. Just last month, Whole Foods launched online coupons through Instacart's mobile app as well.

    Reference: 3.10.16, www.internetretailer.com, Matt Linder, Whole Foods expands delivery services with Instacart