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    How Can Final Mile Delivery Benefit Your Business?

    How Can Final Mile Delivery Benefit Your Business?

    Once a product leaves the final shipping station and leaves for delivery to the customer, it's known as the last mile.

    This phase in the process is when the customer sees the dreaded "on the way to your location" message. Your delivery is now in purgatory, an untrackable land that both exists and doesn't.

    There is a better way to handle Schrodinger's parcel.

    Final mile delivery takes the guesswork out of the process.

    What is this delivery service and how can it help your business? We're glad you asked.

    What Is Final Mile Delivery

    Instead of waiting for your delivery, it gets picked up directly from the shipping station. The service allows you to skip the last part of the delivery process.

    The delivery arrives at your home or office, taken to the room you want it, gets unpacked, and in some cases, set up. The best part is the cleanup of all the packing materials!

    What Are the Benefits?


    You shouldn't have to guess when a delivery will arrive at the office. With final mile delivery, you can get on with your day.

    The idea is simple: since someone is picking it up and delivering it straight to you, you'll have an idea of the exact time it's coming. If you need it early in the day, that's when you'll get it.

    If the delivery is for a customer, this benefit is crucial. Customers expect to have an accurate pickup time.

    Financial Savings

    The least effective and highest costing step in the delivery process is the final mile.

    Getting the delivery from the distribution center and warehouse to a business increases costs. Fuel, labor, and storage costs are a part of your bill; the longer the delivery process, the more you pay!

    Final mile delivery solves this problem by cutting out part of the process. Delivery specialists can pick up deliveries at the location that provides you the most savings and get you your product faster.

    Item Protection

    Mistakes happen. The more times your delivery moves from one person or place to another, the chances of mistakes increase.

    Final mile delivery cuts out many of the steps, eliminating much of the risk.

    Think about this: UPS and other delivery drivers are always under pressure. Their company monitors their every move, trying to determine how they can edge seconds off of delivery times.

    Drivers know that they have around 150 deliveries or more each day. If they work a twelve-hour shift, that's 12.5 minutes per delivery including drive time!

    Do you want your cargo to be in the hands of a driver that can't stop to breathe for five minutes? This system lends itself to errors and accidents.

    Final mile delivery doesn't have this problem. Delivery specialists can focus on your package, ensuring its safe arrival.

    Real-Time Tracking

    If you track a delivery from most companies, you'll get a generic message such as "arrived in Memphis" on your screen. This information is a small fraction of what you need to know.

    When is the package expected to leave? Are there any weather or equipment delays? Many customers don't realize that it's up to them to notice lost deliveries!

    These are problems that final mile delivery answers with real-time tracking. Your time is too valuable for you to sit around and guess when something will show up.


    When you get a delivery, the best case scenario is that the package makes it inside of your business. Worst case, it's left outside for you or someone else to bring in.

    If the delivery is breakable or sensitive in nature, this is an obvious problem. It increases the chance that something will break because another person is handling it. Sensitive materials run the risk of theft or misplacement.

    Once the delivery is inside, there's still the problem of setting it up. This step requires more time most businesses don't have.

    Final mile delivery is a holistic approach to delivery. Not only is the delivery made, but the items are set up in your business.

    Retail companies get their delivery and have displays up right away, increasing their customer's exposure to the items.

    Companies save money and their sales increase. It's a win-win for everybody.

    The Service Is Always Evolving

    Delivery logistics offer special challenges for small businesses. Large corporations often manage the flow of their products from one distribution center to the next.

    For a majority of businesses, this level of control is not possible. These companies are reliant upon pre-existing distribution routes that set their own pricing.

    Final mile delivery continues to take steps to solve these problems. Many services are now using delivery lockers that hold products for customers to pick up at a location of their choice.

    Drones and other new delivery methods are being implemented as well, increasing the speed of service. This revolution will increase the speed of small package deliveries from a day to a few hours.

    The service is also creating extra streams of income for truckers and other delivery personnel. These workers perform the delivery and set up. They enjoy working without many of the cumbersome regulations traditional delivery services face.

    With better technology, the service will get cheaper than it is today. Small businesses will see increased ability to manage their costs and compete with the big-box retailers that plague them.

    Deliveries within an urban area are of particular interest. Parking and the close proximity of businesses make delivering goods challenging. Many of these improvements improve service and productivity in these areas.

    We Have the Answers to Your Logistics Problems

    Customer's demands increase every year. They expect their product to arrive on time and in perfect condition. Meeting this demand keeps them coming back for more and relies upon your deliveries running smoothly.

    If you rely on deliveries to keep your business running, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

    From final mile delivery to rush courier and on-demand services, we offer services designed with your business in mind. We've spent the last 70 years helping companies with their shipping needs.

    Get a free quote on final mile services and start saving money and time today!