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    Amazon Paved The Way, More E-Retailers Start Same-Day Delivery

    More and more e-retailers have grabbed hold of same-day courier delivery and its’ benefits. Yet, this is not the only reason many of them have chosen this route for their order fulfillment. One company named Amazon, due to its’ enormous success, has caused e-retailers to follow its’ steps within the world of e-commerce, even if it comes at a cost.

    These e-retailers are taken a loss to offer same-day delivery and still expect to grow reported Internet Retailer. Online giant Amazon is the cause because the company is offering same-day delivery this way. The report discussed how Amazon launched its’ Local Express delivery service in 2009 in seven major metropolitan markets. Amazon still offers same-day delivery in these same markets today. It even has added four more major cities that offer it as well. However, Amazon doesn't publicize same-day delivery nationwide.

    Amazon sparked the interest of e-retailers to explore same-day delivery a little more and seek after legitimate growth from it. The question e-retailers began to ask is can it truly work? Now e-retailers in various markets are testing same-day delivery and/or have implemented it as a part of their shipping services. Fashion apparel company Planet Blue in Southern California started offering same-day delivery to its’ customers this year. The company offers same-day delivery via a same-day courier for $19.99 within a 50-mile radius of its’ distribution center.

    For Planet Blue, it’s working in spite of recent surveys that have clearly shown shoppers will not pay over $10 for the same-day service. The key factor will Planet Blue is its’ average order is $200, therefore, its’ customers are willing to pay an additional $19.99 for the premium service and convenience. “By offering this option, we can serve our customers in a new and better way—for that last-minute date or that evening or weekend event that they need the perfect dress for,” said Eugene Kang, VP of e-commerce. “We also have a loyal celebrity clientele that may want to shop in private and receive premium service.”

    Other retailers, such as Wal-Mart, eBay, Target, Macy's, Best Buy, and more are all using same-day delivery, which all began with online front runner Amazon. Andrew Schmahl, principal at consulting firm Booz & Company stated in the report, "Every retail or transportation client we work with mentions Amazon.com's same-day shipping program in the first paragraph of our conversation". With online business growing annually over 16%, it is apparent same-day delivery will be in demand more and more.

    Planet Blue is not the only e-retailer using same-day courier service to pick up and delivery their products. Most of all retailers performing same-day delivery is partnering with couriers like A-1 Express to fulfill their online orders. A-1 Express is a viable option for same-day delivery because it has a national footprint, enabling the company to help nationwide corporations quickly implement same-day delivery. This Chicago Courier is an expert at courier logistics and can create a shipping solution that fits any e-retailers’ same-day delivery plan for growth.

    Reference: 8.29.13, Internet Retailer, Katie Evans, The rise of same-day deliveries, thanks in part to Amazon