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    Google Talks To Retailers About One-Day Deliveries, Will Use Couriers

    Google has decided to not allow the current online retail leader Amazon to continue to dominate the market, as it has in recent years.  Google has a business strategy of its' own that could prove to not make Amazon's coming year so easy.
    Google has begun talks with major retailers and shippers about a service that provides one-day deliveries of products ordered online, according to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal.  The main reason the search engine giant has ventured into order fulfillment is solely due to Amazon and its' surge of their one-to-two day "Prime" delivery service.  Online retailer delivery options currently can not compete by far.
    This has resulted in an increase of customers bypassing Google and going directly to Amazon to conduct their online shopping. Many retailers depend on search engine optimization via Google for online activity support.  Google has already spoken to a few retailers, such as Macy's and OfficeMax.  The new one-day or next-day delivery service will involve a quick-service option on retailer's website at checkout.  It also will involve informing shoppers via a product search feature on retailers that offer it and stock availability. 
    The best option to get Google's strategy implemented quickly at low cost is via courier.  In the same report, in fact, Google will plan to involve delivery companies, such as UPS and same-day courier companies.  A-1 Express is a nationwide courier with a solid track record that can help large companies like Google deliver their online shipments.